Dancing to

 Iain MacPhail and

 His Scottish Country Dance Band

 Saturday 24th February 2018.

 7.00 until 11.00pm

Pittville School, Albert Road, Cheltenham, GL52 3JD


American supper please

GRAND MARCH TO THE PIPES                                                                                                
NOTTINGHAM LACE                                  96R                   Bradley
PELORUS JACK                                         8x32J               41/1
LINNEA’S STRATHSPEY                           8x32S               47/2
LOCHALSH REEL                                      8x40R              Skye 2
MACLEOD’S FANCY                                   4x32J               33/3
GANG THE SAME GATE                            8x32S               36/4
REEL OF THE 51st DIVISION                     8x32R              13/10
SIDE BY SIDE                                              8x40J               Goldring 15
NEIDPATH CASTLE                                    3x32S               22/9
MONTGOMERIES’ RANT                            8x32R              10/1

IONA CROSS                                                 3x32S+3x32R   Whetherly-17
TRIBUTE TO THE BORDERS                       8x32J                 Leaflet 31
FLOWER OF THE QUERN                            4x32S                Drewry – Can
MILTON’S WELCOME                                   8x32R                33/8
WATERNISH TANGLE                                   8x32J                 Skye 2
Mrs MILNE OF KINNEFF                               4x32S                Leaflet 20
FALLS OF ROGIE                                          8x32R                Attwood 1
Mrs STEWART’S JIG                                     8x32J                35/1
MORAY RANT                                                3x48S                Drewry – SC

MAIRI’S WEDDING                                        8x40R                Cosh


IRISH ROVER                                              8x32R                 Cosh
POSTIE’S JIG                                             4x32J                 Clowes 5   

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